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Use FrontPage.
I have been using FrontPage 2003 for almost 5 years and I still recommend it as the one for the beginner and intermediate WebMaster or WebMistress.

This web site has been created with Microsoft FrontPage. I believe that for most first-time webmasters, it is the best choice. I hesitated for quite a long time before trying FrontPage. I heard many complaints about it adding to or changing html code which a user had hand created. Users complained that they would create html code within a FrontPage web page which they knew worked on it's own. But when they inserted that html code into FrontPage, the program modified their code and caused it to work improperly, if at all.

In using it to build a dozen sites consisting of hundreds of pages, I have run into this problem, maybe a half-dozen times when I added a snippet of html code produced by someone else to add an affiliate banner. When pasted into the html page along with other html code, it would fail to work properly. I found that there was reason to complain, but...

But I found a solution. It's easy! Easy, of course, if you know what to do! Actually the solution may not have existed in FrontPage 2000. My first experience with FrontPage was with FrontPage 2002 that is associated with Microsoft Office XP. This version has the solution. You can insert html code and tell FrontPage to use it as is, without modification.

Web Component to the Rescue- Makes FrontPage enter the html code "as is".

Choose from the menu Insert, Web Component.
A dialog window opens. On the left side, Component types, click on  Advanced Controls at the bottom.

It may seem that nothing is happening, but give it 30 seconds or more, then in the right pane will appear new components, select  HTML, if it is not selected, click OK.

Another window opens into which you paste the html code. Code entered this way will not be changed by FrontPage. In the Normal view, you may not see the object, but a small icon, instead. But when you go to Preview view, it will be there. This has solved the problem for me each and every time.

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